FIREFOX Fire Suppression Systems


Fire Suppression Systems

The latest in technology, FIREFOX offers a complete system, including Stainless Steel tubing, fittings and all required nozzles. The FIREFOX ODB System (Omnidirectional Discharge Bladder) separates the extinguishing agent from the cylinder’s discharge pressure (Nitrogen) and as a result delivers 100% extinguishing agent to the fire. Unlike most other systems on the market, the bottle can be mounted in any direction and it will not affect operation. The Gem-foam agent will not freeze.

Standard Systems are Push Knob Mounted on Bottle Top

5 lb. System $379.50   

6 ½ lbs. System $401.95

8 1/3 lbs. System $ 506.50

  10 lb. System $494.95

Options include Remote Cable Operated, Push or Pull Operation

Billet brackets from $32.50 ea.


5 lb. $141.00              10 lb. $173.00

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