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              Joe Timney began his racing oriented career in the 70’s as a chassis builder and component fabricator at the famous S&W Race Cars facility in nearby Pennsylvania. His skills were further honed as a crewmember on the famous “Super Press” top fueler of Neil Mahr campaigned throughout the late 70’s, and as a member of the Wilmington Automotive Activities (WAA) Car Club.

               In 1979, Joe founded Delaware Chassis Works. Starting in a small rented space near Wilmington, Delaware, local hot rodders and drag racers soon learned that D.C.W. was the place to go for repairs, custom tin, fabrication, roll cage and chassis work. Word quickly spread of Joe’s expertise, and as the business grew, a move to a new 5200 sq. ft. facility adjacent to his residence near Townsend, DE, was accomplished in 1983. Centrally located in the beautiful Delaware countryside between Wilmington and Dover, D.C.W. is minutes from De. RT.1 / US RT.13.

            Joe’s racing career took a different twist in 1991, when partner Mike Lohinetz and he completed the ground up fabrication and building of a unique rear engine dragster. The sleek black body lines, low profile, and trick narrow rear were natural outcroppings of Joe’s innovative talent. The racecar took on the role of test bed for several experimental pieces and one of a kind chassis innovations that would later reveal themselves in other racer’s cars.

           Acting out on an intense interest in everything mechanical as a child, Joe parlayed his engineering oriented education into a career with the Dupont Company. Following stints as a designer, application engineer, product development specialist, and procurement resource, Joe was uniquely qualified for, and finished his corporate career, as manager of the Research and Development Machine & Fabrication Shop for Dupont/Sterling. After years of working two jobs, Joe has now turned his attention full time to his first love, the fine art of racecar fabrication.

            Concurrent with his early retirement, Joe embarked on an entirely new racing career. Joe’s interest in Land Speed Racing came to the fore after fact finding trips to N.C. and Bonneville and subsequent involvement with the East Coast Timing Association. Joe is now the chief timer for the E.C.T.A. and holds 8 records on both coasts, as well as membership in the prestigious 200 MPH. Club at Bonneville.

             Delaware Chassis Works customers past and present, reads like a who’s who of East Coast Hot Rod, Drag Racing, and Land Speed talent. Successful racers include 1999 Division 1 Federal Mogul dragster champion Ron Still and 1999 Super Chevy champion Dave Greytak. D.C.W. is also proud sponsor of the Go-West Racing super-comp dragster.

             Performance enthusiasts know that Delaware Chassis Works is their one stop quality shop for everything from the smallest custom bracket to entire ground up racecar fabrication. Precision is never ever sacrificed on any job, as safety is always the primary consideration. If its quality you want, Delaware Chassis Works is the place!


Foreword by W. Allen West


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