Monthly Specials

Stroud Sportsman Engine Diaper

Only $113


  Gear Ratio Computer    $9.95 plus shipping


              Aeromotive Pump PN 11140    $152.99


FIREFOX Fire Suppression System

The FIREFOX ODB System (Omnidirectional Discharge Bladder) provides many very important benefits. First, each system is 20 % more efficient than competing brands. The system separates the agent from the cylinder’s discharge pressure (nitrogen) and as a result delivers 100% extinguishing agent to the fire, not a diluted mixture of agent and nitrogen. The ODB System functions from any angle or orientation to provide fail-safe agent discharge regardless of the vehicle’s orientation. This feature insures maximum installation flexibility and ability to position the system’s weight in the most strategic location.

This is a complete kit including two Billet Aluminum mounts brackets, Stainless Steel line tubing and all the fittings and nozzles required. FIREFOX invented bladder system technology.

10 lbs          Push $734 Pull $755

( Nothing else to buy)

20 lbs Dual System- Call for pricing

Pull Systems come standard with a 4 foot cable, other sizes available.


Ultrashield Racing Full Containment Seat


Seat with SCTA Apppoved equal length head boolsters



American Autowire  Highway 15 Kit

Call For Pricing / Many Other Kits Available


 Art Morrison Complete Chassis

Call for pricing and options

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